Hi, I'm Kit.

I'm a fantasy writer (she/her) and I love pirates and the Fae. These things are how my 2018 NaNoWriMo manuscript PIRATE SELKIE CIVIL WAR was born (and, yes, I swear it has a better title now) and how the Fae took over my life.

As I work through the final edits of PSCW, outline the second book in the PS series, and crank out weird side-content to flesh out the world, I'm hoping to build a community surrounding the characters, settings, and lore that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I've spent the last two years with these characters, and, while I can't share the primary PSCW with you guys, I'm looking forward to sharing a side story in the same universe.

You want to get more personal? Let's see. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband, Jared, and our doggos, Mad Madigan and Kaladin. Maddie is a good baby, but she definitely doesn't like it when I write. It cuts into couch time and she's not into it. Kal is a pure havoc, hellbeast.

I watch a lot of horror movies, read a lot of fantasy novels, and have recently given up my love for dystopian fiction, because... gestures vaguely. I'm pagan, I read tarot, and I spend a lot of time crocheting the same blanket I've been crocheting for over a year.